36.Islamic Perspectives on Sustainable Development

Islamic Perspectives on Sustainable Development

Rationally, an Islamic-based approach and perspectives is needed to develop and solve the challenges related to Muslims. Islamic sustainable development is one of the initiatives to resolve these issues. However, the sustainable development concept has been disseminated from the West to all over the world, including Muslim countries. In turn Muslim countries have been adopting sustainable development into development planning and policies of their respective countries. The big question lingers, is sustainable development that is conceptualised by the West and international organizations suibtable to be implemented by Muslim countriesand their citizens? What is the philosophical underpinning behind the concept of Islamic sustainable development? How can Islamic sustainable development be implemented? These are some of the pertinent questions that have found its answers among the 11 chapters presented in this book. The discussions and findings as presented in this book address these questions by blending new, innovative and practical thinking on Islamic sustainable development and its related issues.

Editors : Shereeza Mohamed Saniff and Raudha Md Ramli

ISBN : 978-967-394-274-9

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