Centre For Islamic Development Management Studies (ISDEV)

Courses Offered

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Area of Specialisation

• Al-Qur’an & Al-Sunnah for Development Management
• Usul-Fiqh and Fiqhiyyah Methods for Development Management
• Human Development Management
• Islamic Research Methodology
• Islamic Management
• Islamic-Based Development
• Islamic Economics
• Islamic Accounting
• Islamic Politics
• Islamic Sociology
• Islamic Anthropology
• Politics of Islamic-Based Development
• Islamic Political Economy
• Islamic Banking
• Islamic Finance
• Islamic-Based Wealth Management
• Islamic-Based Poverty Management
• Islamic-Based Project Management
• Islamic-Based Conflict Management
• Islamic-Based Development Management Ethics
• Islamic-Based Development Institutions
• Zakat Development Management
• Waqf Development Management
• Takaful Development Management
• Ar-Rahnu Development Management
• Wills and Faraid
• Development Management
• Services and Issues of Halal Products
• Islamic Movements

mix mode

M. Soc. Sc. (Islamic Development Management) - Mixed-mode

The program is trans-disciplinary in nature and as such can be pursued by candidates from various fields of study, whether from the art-based disciplines such as management, development, economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, communication, history, geography, literature; from the science-based disciplines or from the field of Islamic Studies. Each candidate must accumulate forty credit hours which comprise two compulsory course, two specialization courses and a dissertation which carries 70% of the credit hours.
Compulsory courses (Total: 6 units)
i. Islamic Tasawur and Epistemology
ii. Islamic Research Methodology

Specialization courses 
i. Islamic-based Development + Human Development
ii. Management of Islamic Development Institutions + Personality Development for Institution Managers
iii. Islamic Political Economy + The Practice of Governance for Islamic Political Economists
iv. Management of Islamic Asset Development + Human Development for Asset Managers

Dissertation (Total: 28 units)
This course trains students to conduct real research related to Islamic development management. The results of the research are documented through scholarly writing containing no more than 25,000 words in accordance with the format proposed by the Institute of Graduate Studies, USM. Dissertation writing and research implementation are partially guided independently by specialized supervisors. This course should be taken for two consecutive semesters during the active period of study.



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