Ibrahim Musa Gani, a RISDEV student from Nigeria.
For the month of May, 2019, the Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies (ISDEV), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) allocated two specific sessions for five RISDEV (ISDEV Postgraduate by Research) students to present their draft  theses. The first session was on 17 May, 2019. It started at 9:30am at ISDEV Resource Room.
Prof Syukri taking the opportunity to ask question about the candidates' theses.
Two RISDEV students presented for the first session. Ibrahim Musa Ghani presented his findings of his PhD research which centred on the impact of the Islamic financial system to Malaysia's development. He hoped that his research findings could be of benefit to his home country in Nigeria. Ibrahim's main supervisor is Associate Professor Dr Zakaria Bahari. His draft thesis was evaluated by Dr Azreen Hamiza.
Puan Kasimah presenting her findings.
The next in line to present her PhD thesis findings was Kasimah Kamaruddin whose research endeavours was on the field of Islamic Research Methodology with focus on the quranic verses of ahkam (legal rulings). Kasimah embarks her PhD under the supervision of Dr Mohd. Shukri Hanapi. Her draft thesis that day was evaluated by Dr Azrin Ibrahim.
Dr Azrin Ibrahim commenting on Kasimah's draft thesis.
The second session was held on 30 May 2019 from 9:30 am which ended close to 1 pm. It was also held at ISDEV Resource Room. For that day another three RISDEV students presented their draft PhD theses. 
A very confident Wan Nornajwa presenting her findings that day.
The first in line was Wan Nornajwa Wan Othman with her PhD research endeavours on Well-being in the context of the book Al-Hikam. Her draft thesis was evaluated by Dr Rehanah Mohd Zain from the School of Health Sciences. Her supervisor is Dr Fadzila Azni Ahmad.
Caturida, a RISDEV student from Indonesia.
The next in line that day was Caturida Meiwanto Doktoralina with his quantitative research areas on zakat on income of academicians in Indonesia. He is a student of Associate Professor Dr Zakaria Bahari. His draft thesis was evaluated by Dr Nor Asmat Ismail from the School of Social Sciences.
Dr Nor Asmat commenting on Caturida's findings.
The final RISDEV student for the month of May to present his findings was Mohd Haidzir Auzir whose research centred on the Islamic worldview vis-a vis the transformation of pagan rituals prior to the coming of Islam during the period of Rasulullah SAW. His draft tPhD thesis was evaluated by ISDEV Director, Dr Shahir Akram Hassan.
An interesting research conducted by Mohd Haidzir Auzir which he shared with ISDEV members.