Sedim Park Resort


A lecture on animal slaughtering rules by Ustaz Mohd Shukri Hanapi

After two semesters learning about Islam and the Islamic Development Management field academically, the Master students in Islamic Development Session 2010 (MISDEV10) finally had the opportunity to put theory to practice at the Sedim Eco Park, Kulim, Kedah Darul Aman. Together with ISDEV lecturers and its Academic Staff Training Scheme (ASTS) Fellows and a few of MISDEV11 students, the journey to Sedim started at 8.30 a.m with the USM bus ride.
Practical lesson on Friday sermon

The two days and one night programme was organised by a group of five from MISDEV10 as part of their assignments for the Human Capital Development course. While this group showed their capability in organising such programme, the others from MISDEV10 had to undergo several tasks throughout the programme. There were animal slaughtering, Friday sermons, supplications for good tidings, reminders (tazkirah), leading the congregational prayer (as imam), and night prayer (qiamulail). These tasks were mostly carried out during the first day in Sedim.
A practice of supplications for good tidings
On the bright morning of the second day, participants were brought to the tree top walk trail. As in the name, this trail provided the opportunity for one to walk at a high level, swaying side to side at the top part of the trees in this reserved forest. It also provided a chance to the walkers to overcome their phobia to height.
The Tree Top Walk

Within the time, it maybe too short for participants to practice everything that they have learn in theory before. However, during this short period of time they had showed their capabilities and abilities to practice Islam in nature and thus providing that Islam indeed is a way of life in every aspects and that Islam is not a religion of mere rhetoric.